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About the CSE Institute
The Computing for Science and Education Institute (CSEI) is a non-profit educational organization that provides computing support for numerous community environmental, scientific and artistic projects in Cochise County, Arizona, a rural area on the border with Mexico where there is little technical support available. All support projects are chosen by the Board of Directors of CSEI for strategic importance and to address community needs that have been difficult or impossible to address otherwise. Low cost feasibility studies and incubation of technology initiatives are provided for projects that typically highlight natural strengths of the area, such as unique biodiversity, natural history, the arts and cultural diversity.
Goals and Mission Statement
The CSE Institute has several goals regarding computational science:
  1. to provide computing support for a small number of science professionals involved in local research projects
  2. to increase awareness about the nature of research computing environments used to explore exciting new universes of data created by modern technologies and how it differs from 'home' and 'business' computing environments
  3. to call attention to the current need for students, teachers and professionals to be cross-trained in computer science, traditional sciences and mathematics
  4. to articulate why high school and undergraduate students need to be introduced to research computing environments early and how to implement introductory activities at local institutions
  5. to provide tools and methodologies for introducing students, teachers and the general public to computational science principles
  6. to network with regional and national computational science efforts and provide local follow-up support for these programs.

Contact Information
Mail: CSE Institute, P.O. Box 132, Bisbee, AZ 85603

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What is Scientific Computing?
The use of computers in science and mathematics is often quite different than home or business use of computers. Scientific Computing consists of all the tools, methodologies and theories required to implement mathematical models and find solutions to problems in science and engineering.
reference:Technische Universität Kaiserslauten / Golub and Ortega

What is Computational Science?
While Scientific Computing focuses on obtaining solutions, Computational Science involves interpretation of computational results to advance understanding in science and engineering, Thus, Computational Science is an interdisciplinary approach that involves the use of computers to solve various problems in science.

Both Scientific Computing and Computational Science require cross-training in computer science, mathematics and the sciences.
Computational Science
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